Write a short note on general assembly

Share with your friends 13 The Constituent Assembly of India was a body consisting of indirectly elected representatives tasked with drafting the Constitution of India.

Write a short note on general assembly

The constitution was prepared and approved by the voters in a referendum of Federal[ edit ] The U. Constitutional Convention that drafted the still-current United States Constitution in was notably not a constituent assembly: Article V of the Constitution does permit Congress to appoint a national constitutional convention to propose amendments but has never done so.

While Congress has the option to submit both its own proposals for amendments and those of a national convention to state conventions rather than the state legislatures for ratification; this process has been used only once for the Twenty-first Amendment.

Neither of these would necessarily be constituent assemblies, as there is no provision requiring that such bodies be elected rather than appointed by the existing legislature. Many state constituent assemblies, like the Virginia Constitutional Convention, were highly formalized but the legitimacy of the constitution they drafted depended on whether it was authorized by the people, not whether a particular procedure was followed.

A tradition in the use of constituent assemblies exists at the state level of Constitutionalism.

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In fact, constituent assemblies met in the states before the formation of the Federal Constitution in as well as after its ratification. Since nearly state constitutional conventions have met to draft or revise state constitutions.

Yet they were considered to be constituent assemblies that exercised their authority as that of the people. It was the people as the sovereign who authorized drafting those first [state] constitutions that gave them their legitimacy, not whether they used procedures that matched what was later understood to be necessary to create fundamental law.

They often self-consciously "borrow[ed]" constitutional text and provisions from other states. They often used in their drafting and debates compact and pocket-sized compilations of all the existing American constitutions, so that the constituent's assembly could draw upon the latest in constitutional design.

In these countries there is no need to call constituent assemblies, and no provision to do so, as the legislature can effectively modify the constitution.

If such a country decides to implement a constitution, presumably some sort of constituent assembly will have to be set up for the purpose.

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The constitution of New Zealand consists of a collection of statutes Acts of ParliamentTreaties, Orders-in-Council, Letters patent, decisions of the Courts and unwritten constitutional conventions. Because it is not supreme law, the constitution is comparatively easy to reform, requiring only a majority of Members of Parliament to amend it.

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The constitutional law of Israel is determined by the Knesset which, sinceserves as the country's ongoing constituent assembly. The Knesset has the power to create Basic Laws of Israellaws which are entrenched legislation and will become part of a "future" constitution of Israel, as well as "regular" statutory legislation.Write a short note on elections of 1 Answer.

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The Linker I want to list some remaining items on my task list for this year for House District Thank you for your interest, and please let me know of any other issue that concerns you.
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How to Lobby the Connecticut General Assembly. The letter should be short and to the point.

write a short note on general assembly

Try to address only one issue in each letter Start the letter by stating what it is you want the legislator to do, e.g. It is great to write a "thank you" note if they voted the way you wanted on an issue.

Send a note of regret if they voted. A constituent assembly is usually set up for its specific purpose, which it carries out in a relatively short time, after which the assembly is dissolved.

A constituent assembly is a .

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