Trifles symbolism and canary bird

Wright has been taken into custody, suspected of killing her husband as he slept. Hale come with the sheriff and other men who are looking for evidence; the women will gather some of Mrs. The men move through the house and make comments about Mrs. The men dismiss these things as "trifles.

Trifles symbolism and canary bird

In a sense, the canary symbolizes Mrs. Wright the former Minnie Foster. She is a woman married to an abusive man who has sucked all the joy out of life for her.

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It is intimated in the story that Mr. Wright most likely killed the canary by wringing its neck. The little canary is a trifle whose significance is only known by the women because they do not share its discovery with the men.

It probably annoyed this severe, abusive man with its singing. His wife used to enjoy singing, before she married him.

Trifles symbolism and canary bird

The reader must assume many things in this story, one of which is that Mr. Wright killed the canary and that was the final blow for his wife. She wrung his neck in the same way that he wrung the neck of her little canary.

If the women had disclosed that they had discovered the canary, this "trifle", no doubt it would have provided further evidence that Mrs. Wright killed her husband.

Trifles symbolism and canary bird

Without the canary, the men can just assume that the cat ate it, and not have any further proof to condemn Mrs. Wright for her husband's murder.

They believe what the women tell them about the cat probably getting the canary because, after all, what do women know? They are so concerned with trifles. The existence of the bird adds a lot of irony to the story. It is a mere trifle that, if discovered by the all-knowing, important men, could really clinch the case against Mrs.

By not revealing the existence of the canary, the women prove that they are more in control of things than the men give them credit for. The canary also justifies, in a sense, the reason for Mrs.

Wright strangling her husband, so there is a sense of justice in the end.- The Danger in Susan Glaspell's Trifles Susan Glaspell's 'Trifles' is a play about a real life murder case that uses symbolism to help bring it to a close.

It is easy to see that Mr. and Mrs. Wright live in a society that is cut off from the outside world and also strongly separated by gender. The symbolism in Trifles, by Susan Glaspell, revolves around a canary. Other symbols in the story include the quilt, the kitchen and the jars in the kitchen.

One of the most prominent symbols in the novel is the canary, which lives in a cage and resembles Minnie since she married John. The canary's. Canary Symbolism In Trifles. Symbolism of Trifles Webster's dictionary defines symbolism as the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or sensuous representations.

Looking at the symbolism from different perspectives gives a whole . Custom Symbolism of a Bird in 'Trifles' Essay Susan Glaspell, an author of one-act play “Trifles” (), described the position of women in the twentieth-century American society through symbolism.

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The little canary is a trifle whose significance is only known by the women because they do not share its discovery with the men. In a sense, the canary symbolizes Mrs. Wright (the former Minnie.

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