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Fugger family, German mercantile and banking dynasty that dominated European business during the 15th and 16th centuries, developed capitalistic economic concepts, and influenced continental politics. Although Andreas, the more enterprising of the two, and his descendants quickly attained great wealth, they went bankrupt inas a result of an overextension of business activity and the loss of a lawsuit. These Fugger vom Reh Fuggers of the Doe, from their coat of arms spread over southern, central, and eastern Germany; as late asthere were Fukier descendants of the Fuggers residing in Warsaw. In Jakob had married the daughter of a mint master who went bankrupt three years later.

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Here is a very basic document describing a person: It basically says, "there is a foaf: Person with a foaf: This is a pity, as in fact documents on the Web describe real objects and imaginary concepts, and give particular relationships between them.

For example, a document might describe a person. The title document to a house describes a house and also the ownership relation with a person.


Adding semantics to the Web involves two things: Only when we have this extra level of semantics will we be able to use computer power to help us exploit the information to a greater extent than our own reading. FOAF integrates three kinds of network: FOAF does not compete with socially-oriented Web sites; rather it provides an approach in which different sites can tell different parts of the larger story, and through which users can retain some control over their information in a non-proprietary format.

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It is built using decentralised Semantic Web technology, and has been designed to allow for integration of data across a variety of applications, Web sites and services, and software systems.

To achieve this, FOAF takes a liberal approach to data exchange. It does not require you to say anything at all about yourself or others, nor does it place any limits on Family topic things you can say or the variety of Semantic Web vocabularies you may use in doing so.

This current specification provides a basic "dictionary" of terms for talking about people and the things they make and do. FOAF was designed to be used alongside other such dictionaries "schemas" or "ontologies"and to be usable with the wide variety of generic tools and services that have been created for the Semantic Web.

The Semantic Web provides us with an architecture for collaboration, allowing complex technical challenges to be shared by a loosely-coordinated community of developers. The FOAF project is based around the use of machine readable Web homepages for people, groups, companies and other kinds of thing.

To achieve this we use the "FOAF vocabulary" to provide a collection of basic terms that can be used in these Web pages. At the heart of the FOAF project is a set of definitions designed to serve as a dictionary of terms that can be used to express claims about the world.

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The initial focus of FOAF has been on the description of people, since people are the things that link together most of the other kinds of things we describe in the Web: FOAF is a Linked Data system, in that it based around the idea of linking together a Web of decentralised descriptions.

The Basic Idea The basic idea is pretty simple. If people publish information in the FOAF document format, machines will be able to make use of that information. Computer programs will be able to scutter around a Web of documents designed for machines rather than humans, storing the information they find, keeping a list of "see also" pointers to other documents, checking digital signatures for the security minded and building Web pages and question-answering services based on the harvested documents.

FOAF files are just text documents well, Unicode documents. Image, alongside some handy properties of those things, such as foaf: For example, one interesting relationship type is foaf: This relates something eg. Person to a foaf: This provides a basis for automatic harvesting tools to traverse a Web of interlinked files, and learn about new people, documents, services, data Each term definition is provided in both human and machine-readable form, hyperlinked for quick reference.

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Information about the use of FOAF with image metadata is also available. The co-depiction experiment shows a fun use of the vocabulary. The name was chosen to reflect our concern with social networks and the Web, urban myths, trust and connections. Other uses of the name continue, notably in the documentation and investigation of Urban Legends eg.

FOAF documents describe the characteristics and relationships amongst friends of friends, and their friends, and the stories they tell. The FOAF vocabulary, by contrast, is managed more in the style of an Open Source or Free Software project than as an industry standardarisation effort eg.At the Topic of the Town, we are committed to satisfying our customers with great food and excellent service.

We use only the finest quality ingredients. Our menu offers a wide variety of Specialty Sandwiches, Hot and Cold Dishes, made from scratch soups, salads, and scrumptious desserts and much more! Whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find it here!

Bruce Feiler has a radical idea: To deal with the stress of modern family life, go agile. Inspired by agile software programming, Feiler introduces family practices which encourage flexibility, bottom-up idea flow, constant feedback and accountability. One surprising feature: Kids pick their own punishments.

Family: Family, a group of persons united by the ties of marriage, blood, or adoption, constituting a single household and interacting with each other in their respective social positions, usually those of spouses, parents, children, and siblings.

The family group should be distinguished from a household.

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Wayne Schmidt's multi-topic site covering everything from telescope making and betta breeding to the strange world of lucid dreaming.

Family Crest, Coat of Arms - Free to view your coat of arms family crest, shield also known as a symbol, design, pattern, tartan, picture, template or tattoo. We display worldwide graphics with names of Irish, German, Scottish, Italian, Spanish, English, Scottish, Welsh, UK, Canada, Australia and America origin.

Free search and finder to view the heraldry picture with history and meaning. Asthma is a chronic (long-term) disease of the lungs. It inflames and narrows the airways.

These are tubes that carry air into and out of your lungs.

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